Arrangements for academic guidance

Procedures concerning academic guidance

Guidance concerning studies
A student of a first year has a possibility to obtain information concerning the organization of studies from a supervisor appointed for it. The main duties are:
-          To inform the first-year students about the current affairs connected with the organization of studies, courses, tests, organization of examination periods and so on,
-          To help in the choice of the leader of a given year, leaders of groups, changes within the appointed groups,
-          To help to solve problems and conflicts that may arise between the students and academic teachers,
-          To agree with the academic teachers the dates of examination and assessments during the examination period,
-          To help students of the first year when submitting papers to the head of the basic organizational unit as far as formal and specific requirements are concerned.

What is more every student can obtain the information concerning the organization of studies in the dean’s office or from a vice-dean foe students affairs during office hours reserved for students.

 Professional guidance

Lodz University of Technology has its own Career Office which helps students in terms of professional guidance. The main aim of the Career Office is to promote students and graduates on the labor market and to help them to find employment adjusted to their capacities, skills and expectations.  All students of Lodz University of Technology, graduates and employees  can benefit free of charge from the serviced delivered by the Career Office.

Career Office of Technical University of Lodz leads job, practice and internships placements. Employers can put on our web site (www.biurokarier.p.lodz.pl) offers of job and internships. We currently have 115 offers of internships. Its number is variable, depending on time of the year, ranging from 100 to 300 active offers of internships. These offers are being sent in mailings to student and graduates  registered in database and are also posted on bulletin boards at each TUL’s department. Some of these practices and internships are salaried.

In the period from October 2008 to December 2011 career office of  Technical University realized the Human Capital project 4.1.1 during which there were financed three-month internship scholarships for students of 3rd, 4th and 5th year of full-time studies. The salary was 1160 zł per month (for 3 months). Interns, trainees 60 km away from home and study, also received a 800 zł lump sum for accommodation costs. There were 666 students, who benefited the project.

Career Technical University is also a co-organizer of the country's largest Academic Job Fair. The aim of the fair is to allow students of TUL a contact with representatives of small, medium and large companies operating on the Polish market and internationally. Students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with internships offers, proposed by exhibitors. ATP 2013 (9 April 2013) visited about 17,000 interested people who could  meet nearly 100 exhibitors.

Career Technical University also organizes a number of meetings with employers, open days and regular presentations of their business at the University. In direct meetings with TUL students, employees provide profile of a company, offers of internships or work and the requirements towards their future employees.

Contact details:
Career Office
Al. Politechniki 3A
93-590 Łódź
Phone/ fax: (+48) 42 636 31 84
e-mail: biuro@biurokarier.p.lodz.pl
Head of Career Office
Mgr Grzegorz Kierner
e-mail: grzegorz.kierner@biurokarier.p.lodz.pl


Psychological guidance
Lodz University of Technology has been undertaking for many years actions to promote psychological help, prevention of psychological dysfunctions and addictions in the academic community. In 2006, Lodz University of Technology appointed  Academic Trust  Center, a unit which currently concentrates specialists in the field of clinic psychology and therapy of addictions. Academic Trust Center offers their services to students and employees of the University. Roughly 250-300 people per year benefit from their services.

Within the services offered by the Center it is possible to benefit from:
- Psychological help, diagnosis and consultancy with a psychologist,
- Consultancies in case of learning difficulties, coping with stress,
- Psycho-educational workshops which develop social and communication skills (e.g. trainings concerning  verbal and non-verbal communication and relaxation techniques, creative problem solving, solving conflicts)-  - Thematic support (e.g. for people who suffer from depressed mood or who have problems with concentration),

-Wide offer of a library which provides the psychological literature which expands the knowledge about the psychological distortions,
- Information- TUL cooperates with many centers for psychological health, centers with crisis interventions, we provide the information where to look for help,
- The help of specialists in the treatment of addictions in the Consulting and Information Point appointed in the cooperation with Regional Center for Social Policy in Lodz.

A psychologist of Lodz University of technology together with a Rector Proxy for the Treatment of Addictions deal with the issue of protection and prevention of psychological health of TUL students.

A  psychologist at TUL:
-          Prepares individual opinions on the needs and a range of the adjustment of education as a result of psychological distortions of a student,
-          Issues opinions on the student issues handled by the Disciplinary Commissions, 
-          Consults and helps the authorities in individual issues of students in which the psychological expertise is needed.

Rector’s Proxy for the Treatment of Addictions:

-          Implement activities connected with the prevention of harmful psychologically active substances among students. The Proxy organizes informational sessions and coordinates the activities promoting certain behavior and life styles at the University level

Academic Trust Center of Lodz University of Technology
116 Żeromskiego Street
Office for People with Disabilities  A-30

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