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Announcement of the Vice-Rector for Education on the mobility of foreign and Polish students on student exchange in the face of the SARS-CoV-2 virus threat

Announcement of the Vice-Rector for Education on the mobility of foreign and Polish students on student exchange in the face of the SARS-CoV-2 virus threat


In connection with the global coronavirus epidemic, the Rector of the Lodz University of Technology decided to allow exchange students to interrupt their stay at foreign universities before the end of the exchange period specified in the agreements concluded within the framework of student mobility, under the conditions specified below.


1. Exchange students may at any time decide to stay at a foreign higher education institution in accordance with its recommendations, or to return to study at Lodz University of Technology and join classes;


2. In the event of a decision to interrupt the stay at a foreign higher education institution, the student shall be obliged to send a statement on the interruption of his/her stay with a justification to erasmus@info.p.lodz.pl and to submit the documents referred to below, section 4, which are necessary to accept the costs incurred until the interruption of his/her stay.


3. 3. in addition, the student is obliged to fulfil reporting obligations resulting from agreements concluded with the University. This obligation refers to the period during which the student stayed at the host university. This obligation, if it is impossible to obtain reports approved by supervisors within the contractual deadline, may be postponed in time - in such a case, the student should indicate this circumstance in the declaration referred to in section 2.


4. In order for costs to be considered eligible, the Lodz University of Technology may submit an application to the National Agency with a letter describing the situation and detailing the expenses incurred for each person concerned. On the basis of the submitted documents, the NA will decide on the recognition of the case as so-called "force majeure" and will determine the amount of costs incurred, which will be considered eligible.


In order to apply for recognition of such costs, the student should have (originals or copies certified to be "true to the original"):


· a certificate from the host institution on the duration of the stay, stating the relevant start and end dates of mobility;

In case of difficulties in obtaining the document, the student should send an e-mail declaration about the date of completion of the mobility to the foreign university where the exchange takes place and to erasmus@info.p.lodz.pl;


· proof of expenses, including travel.


5. With regard to foreign students staying at the Lodz University of Technology on a short-term exchange, all matters related to their stay outside their home university should be regulated by their home university. The authorities of the Lodz University of Technology do not see any need for such students to leave Poland immediately. If students express their wish to stay in Poland, they will be bound by all regulations concerning Polish students. Each student expressing willingness to leave Poland is asked to inform the Erasmus CWM office via e-mail in order to obtain confirmation of the period of stay at the Lodz University of Technology.


6. Foreign students who have already decided to leave for their home countries are asked to stay there. In case of leaving personal belongings in Poland, at the student's request, a commission will pack these belongings and send them back to the student's home country address.


7. All planned study and internship trips abroad are suspended until further notice;


8. Persons who have returned from a trip abroad (including a private one) may appear on the university premises only after having completed a min. 14-day quarantine.


9. From 12 March 2020 until further notice, student reception hours at the offices of the International Cooperation Centre CWM are changed. The offices will be opened according to the following schedule:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 - 11:00
  • Wednesday - closed to students


10. It is recommended that all matters are dealt with by telephone or e-mail;


11. All applications/documents should be sent by e-mail and, in matters governed by the Code of Administrative Proceedings, also in paper form, by traditional mail;


12. Further decisions on measures for preventing, counteracting and eradicating COVID-19 at the Lodz University of Technology will be communicated in the form of Announcements of the Rector of the Lodz University of Technology. Please check your student mail on a regular basis and follow the information at cwm.p.lodz.

Date of record:2020-03-13
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Anna Boczkowska,