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Additional admissions for foreign candidates are ahead of us!

Recently, at Lodz University of Technology, we open admissions dedicated to foreign candidates twice before each semester. First round of admissions ended at the beginning of January, and the next one is just ahead of us.


It opens with foreign graduates of 1st cycle studies and candidates who already have a legalized stay in Poland or do not need a visa in mind. The upcoming round is planned for February and is dedicated to foreign candidates who want to start their second-cycle studies, starting with the summer semester 2020/2021.


It’s worth noticing that that during these admissions candidates can apply for new study programmes. They can apply for a new, future-oriented field of study at the International Faculty of Engineering - Human-Computer Interaction and for Nanotechnology English-language group, which will open at the Faculty of Chemistry. This is a real treat for the candidates since those who don’t speak Polish have repeatedly expressed their willingness to study Nanotechnology in English.


You can read about these and many other study programmes that are planned to be opened and available in these admissions on our website. To make the selection process easier, we encourage you to use the search engine , which will help you find the programme of your dreams, or maybe even 8, because that’s the maximum number of programmes a candidate can apply for during admission paying only one application fee – PLN 85.


We also have good news for those who do not have a language certificate that proves their knowledge of English or Polish, and is one of the required documents that need to be attached to the application. Recently, we have given our candidates the opportunity to take the language exam at the TUL’s Language Center. The exam consists of two parts: written and oral, and is conducted online. As the exams are organized only on strictly defined dates, you should remember to report your willingness to take the exam by February 14. It is also necessary to pay an additional fee of PLN 200, which is a very reasonable price. Upon passing the exam and receiving the certificate from TUL, the candidate is eligible to apply for studies. More details are available on our website under the "language requirements" tab.


It's not everything! The Promotion Department of Lodz University of Technology invites you to a special event addressed to candidates who wish to undertake second-cycle studies in the summer semester. Today, February 1 at 11 a.m. (Warsaw time) on the fanpage of the Lodz University of Technology on Facebook, there will be a live event with some special guests. Employees of the Admissions Department and the Student Mobility Division of International Cooperation Centre, responsible for recruiting foreigners who dream of studying at TUL. Admission Officers will answer the most frequently asked questions and dispel any doubts of future candidates for studies. In addition, live participants will have a unique opportunity to ask their questions in the chat - even more so, it is worth taking part in the meeting. We invite you to the event and to apply for studies at TUL.


The International Cooperation Center is waiting for applications from candidates who can take part in the second round of admissions from February 1 to 19. Details on how to apply are available at www.rekrutacja.p.lodz.pl under the "International Candidates" tab, and in case of questions or doubts, the Student Mobility Division of ICC encourages you to contact them by phone (42 638 38 63/64) or by e-mail (foreignstudents@info.p.lodz.pl).

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