It can be a very stimulating experience to live in a hall of residence. Polish students and students from all over the world meet there and have the opportunity to get to know each other and make friends. But living in a hall of residence is also demanding in a way. Students living in the same corridor come from many cultures and have different habits and ideas how to do things.


Almost 2500 students live in purpose-built student houses at the University Campus, which is only five to ten minutes from all faculties.


The accommodation consists of fully furnished bedrooms.

There are double rooms with shared kitchen, toilet and bathroom on each floor or two rooms (two beds per room) arranged in groups, which share a common toilet and a bathroom. Most student housing areas have also laundry rooms.


The price of a dingle room is approximately 350.00-400.00 PLN a month per person.


Students are required to clean their rooms themselves. You should leave the room nice and clean when moving out, the way you wish to find it yourself upon arrival.


The University cannot guarantee placement in the University halls of residence because the accommodation possibilities are limited. But international students should notify in advance their intention to live in the halls of residence. While University cannot offer accommodation, every assistance is given in finding accommodation in the private rented sector.

Information about private accommodation in the city available for students can be also gathered from local newspapers. Private accommodation needs more careful planning and the price depends on the various factors, in particular the distance from the University, the quality of the flat and the facilities made available by the householder.



Accomodation procedure for Polish Students

In order to obtain a place in a students' dormitory one has to apply for it by filling in the form available on the web site www.samorzad.p.lodz.pl in the part zakwaterowanie (accomodation) and to attach the following documents:
- work place certificate of parents' net income from the last 3 months (pension stub or a copy of welfare  granting as far as the pensioners or senior citizens are concerned)
- certificate of education of the siblings of age below 26 (a copy of student card or recent graduation report)
- document proving a random incident (certificate of disability, a foster family etc).
- certificate of the student's  status (Dean's Office stapm from the faculty the student is enrolled or the print of appplier's status .

The set of the above mentioned documents is to be delivered to the Students' Union office hours (Monday-Friday from 08.30 AM to 3.30 PM or during the service of Accomodation Commission (current information on www.samorzad.p.lodz.pl website in "zakwaterownie" (accomodation tab).

Accomodation procedure for foreign students
Foreign students, on arrival to their assigned dormitories, is obliged to fill in an accommodation form and provide their personal details in a special questionnaire, in the Dormitory Manager’s Office. Afterwards, they are given keys to their rooms and informed about exact rent value and the form of payment. Some dormitories accept cash, while others prefer transfers to their accountsIf students arrive after 15.00 local time, which is after the dormitory manager office hours, they collect keys from the reception desk, while other formalities are due next day morning.

Soon after the semester begins, the dormitories organize meetings with foreign students, to discuss the regulations and collect registration forms which are submitted to the respective branch of the City Council by the dormitory manager, for all the newcomers.

All students, irrespective of their nationality and reason of stay are to obey dormitory regulations, under pain of disciplinary measures.

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Date of actualization:2017-01-18

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