7 FP Local Contact Point

The goal of the 7 FP Local Contact Point (Projects Office)  is to support all units of the Lodz University of Technology, research teams, and individual scientists in their actions directed towards taking an active role in the Framework Programme of the European Union and other international research-scientific programmes.


The field of the activity of 7FP Local Contact Point covers in particular:


- giving information and advice in order to increase the participation of research teams of the Lodz University of Technology in the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union,
- the cooperation between regional, national and international contact points in the field of international research programmes,
- supporting scientific contacts and promoting intellectual and research potential of the TUL abroad,
- searching for and popularisation of foreign financial funding sources of scientific and research works,
- cooperation with other units of the TUL in order to search possibilities for commercialisation of research and scientific work,
- providing information and advice concerning the realisation of projects accepted for execution (in the 7th FP) and other international programmes.

Date of record:2007-01-23
Date of actualization:2016-11-23

Submited by:
Karolina Zwierzchowska,