Weather in Poland 波兰天气


Poland has four distinct seasons, although, it may, at times, seem like it has two seasons – winter and summer. In the winter you may expect freezing temperatures and snow cover lasting a month or so. Summers are cool to warm to downright hot with temperatures varying from the upper teens (Celsius) to mid‐30 (occasionally). Temperatures in the fall can vary wildly. One day the temperature may be below freezing and the next one can be mild and balmy with plenty of sunshine and blue skies.

尽管波兰四季分明,但是有时可能看起来只有两个季节——冬季和夏季。冬季你可能 遇到天寒地冻的天气,积雪持续覆盖大地达一月之久或更久。夏季天气有时凉爽、有 时温暖,或者有时炎热,气温也在摄氏10 度到35 度(偶尔)之间来回更替。秋季的 气温变化极大,前一天的温度可能0 度以下,下一天的温度就可能变得相当温和,并 且阳光和煦、蓝天白云。

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http://www.poland.gov.pl/index.php?document=9280 (中文)

Date of actualization:2016-01-25

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