Student's Life

Being a student does not require 24/7 studying. What you do after your lectures have finished is equally important. Lodz University of Technology welcomes active people and supports student initiative.




Culture, tourism and sport 



Our students enjoy relaxing in the world of arts and culture.




Żak – student radio station, which broadcasts around the clock at 88,8 MHz, is over 50 years old! This is the place where many now successful Polish journalists began their careers.


在88,8 MHz的学生电台Żak已经拥有50年的历史,很多著名的波兰记者的职业生涯开始于此。


TUL’s Choir has indulged its fans for a slightly shorter time. Nevertheless, 40 years of continual stage presence is  rather impressive. It is the best amateur choir in Poland. The ensemble consists of students who share the passion for singing songs which are stylistically and historically very divergent. Part of the Choir’s rich repertoire is available on CDs.




TUL’s Academic Orchestra is its youngest musical child. Established in 2005, it has already given some memorable performances, e.g. during  the annual grand finale of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy. The Orchestra performs classical and popular music as well as film scores.




Dramatically inclined students will be pleased to join the troupe of  the Unhinged Theatre,  the character of which is best reflected in its name and swinging somewhere between experimental and performance art.




Annual Juwenalia is the biggest student event. A few days of unforgettable fun. A special event during the Juwenalia is Miss of Lodz University of Technology beauty pageant.




It would be a case of serious neglect if it were not mentioned that it was TUL’s students who created YAPA – Students Festival of Tourist Song. They have been organizing it year ever since, each year welcoming performers from all around the country.




Student Tourist Club PŁazik is the place for all those who enjoy being active. PŁazik organises tours and expeditions, water skiing competitions, summer and winter skiing and snowboard camps.




Those with high doses of energy can vent it out by joining any of the 27 sports sections of the Academic Sport Association of TUL. Swimming, track and field sports, martial arts, bridge and chess – whatever suits you best. Team games, paragliding and rock climbing sections have been among the most popular.




Student self-governance  


Student Government is one of the most important animator of the students life at TUL . It represents interests and acts on behalf of all TUL students. Student Government supports students in obtaining financial assistance and deals with allocation of places in the halls of residence. It also co-decides on dividing financial assistance funds and allocating funds to student organisations. It issues opinions on the University’s internal regulations in matters concerning students. Students Government is one of the main organizers of Juwenalia and is performs many other scientific, cultural and promotional activities.




Multicultural experience


For those who want to travel the world, are curious about other cultures, want to make international contacts and gain precious experience, international student organisations and associations are the perfect place. They facilitate the process of landing placements and training programmes in many different parts of the world.  The following organisations operate at TUL: the Board of European Students of Technology – BEST, Erasmus Student Network, European Youth Exchange Łódź – ESN EYE, European Students Forum – AEGEE, International Student Association of Economy and Trade - AIESEC.


对于希望周游世界,了解其他文化,通过国际交流获得经验的学生来说,国际学生组织和社团是十分理想的场所。他们在世界很多国家推出培训计划。在罗兹工业大学的这类学生组织有:欧洲学生科技董事会 ——BEST, 欧洲区域学生流动计划,罗兹学生交换——ESN EYE, 欧洲学生论坛——AEGEE, 国际经济贸易学生组织——AIESEC。


Passionate about science 


There are almost 60 student science circles at TUL. They are perfect places for students who have a passion for science and want to enrich their knowledge and understanding of an area of science. Students come up with ideas for scientific projects, get ready for competitions and share and discuss results of their own research during various scientific events.




Student village 


Nine halls of residence provide accommodation and free Internet access to 3000 students.  The village also houses student organization offices, sports facilities, canteen, corner stores, post office, health care centre, as well as a modern performance hall, where many artistic and scientific events take place. There are also student clubs in the village, well-known and open to TUL’s students and non-students alike: at Cotton Club and Underground you can dance to the music, sing karaoke, play pool and meet new people. The oldest of the clubs, Futurysta, has celebrated its 40th birthday.


学校为学生提供9栋带有免费网络的可容纳3000名学生的学生宿舍。该区域还设有学生组织办公室,体育设施,餐厅,便利店,邮局,医疗保健中心和一个现代化的演播厅,有很多艺术家及科学家在这里举办演出和讲座。这里还有对学生及公众开放的Cotton ClubUnderground俱乐部,学生们可以在这里唱卡拉OK,跳舞,打台球,结交新朋友。Futurysta作为最老的俱乐部已经有40年的历史。

Date of actualization:2016-01-25

Xian Gong,