Science and Technology 科学与技术


The program is attractive for students interested in learning fundamental problem of exact sciences. The character of the program is selective and depends in the students’ preferences‐they can choose from among a number of courses offered within these sciences. Students get acquainted with a wide area of applied physics. They also acquire knowledge and competence in informatics and material science. They learn elements of discrete mathematics, differential and integration calculus, algebra, probabilistic methods etc. Classes in technical drawing and fundamentals of mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics and informatics will equip graduates with technical skills and competence.

该专业吸引了很多对学习精确科学基本问题饶有兴趣的学生。该专业的特色在于具体 课程的选择,取决于学生的特长。该专业学生可以从这些精确科学的所有课程中选择。学生将会非常熟练掌握广泛运用的应用物理;同时,还将掌握信息科学、材料科学方 面的知识与能力。此外,离散数学原理、微积分学、代数、统计概率法等等也都是他 们将学习的课程。诸如技术制图与机械基本原理、力学基础理论、电力工程、电子与 信息科技等课程,将传授给毕业生技术与能力。学制:三年半 授予学位:理学学士 连接到:


Date of actualization:2016-01-25

Xian Gong,