MSc Graduate Profile 理学硕士专业简介


Candidates have to hold a legalized diploma of first‐cycle studies or another foreign document that entitles one to continue education at the second‐cycle studies. Very good knowledge of English is required of the candidates at this level.


According to the so called "Dublin descriptors" criteria the second cycle degree is awarded to students who:


‐ have demonstrated knowledge and understanding that is founded upon and extends and/or enhances that typically associated with Bachelor's level, and that provides a basis or opportunity for originality in developing and/or applying ideas, often within a research context;

‐ 第二轮学习是能在本科知识基础上的拓展,能对其延伸并拥有展示的知识与更深层次 的理解,在此基础上,能够在研究环境中更快地获得新知、并能对其提供更多发展或 应用方面、有原创性的观点。

‐ can apply their knowledge and understanding, and problem solving abilities in new or unfamiliar environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their field of study;

能将所学知识、理解力与解决问题的能力运用到新的专业环境,或者不熟悉的、却与 专业相关、更广泛的(跨学科)领域里。

‐ have the ability to integrate knowledge and handle complexity, and formulate judgments with incomplete or limited information, but that include reflecting on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments;


‐ can communicate their conclusions, and the knowledge and rationale underpinning these, to specialist and non‐specialist audiences clearly and unambiguously;

能够与业界专业人士交流他们的推论、知识与原理以强化他们的专业水平,并能将其 专业知识清楚准确、通俗易懂地传达给非专业人士。

‐ have the learning skills to allow them to continue to study in a manner that may be largely self‐directed or autonomous.


有能够让他们更有方向明确地或独立地继续自主学习的技 巧。

MSc. degree is granted to graduates who successfully fulfill all study program requirements and pass the final examination consisting of two parts: the first – presentation of diploma thesis, the second – answering questions devoted to the presented diploma thesis and to the whole study. The final result visible in diploma, is expressed in words according to the Rules of Study at the Technical University of Lodz and is the sum of three components: 60% of the weighted average of all the grades achieved during the study, 20% of the grade for the diploma thesis, 20% of the grade for the final exam.

理学硕士学位将颁发给达到以下要求的毕业生:成功完成专业要求并通过毕考试。考 试由两部分组成:第一,展示毕业论文;第二,回答与毕业论文及所学课程相关的问 题。最后总成绩将根据罗兹工业大学的《学习成绩考核标准》计算,也即整个研究生 学习中所有成绩平均分的60%,毕业论文成绩的20%,以及毕业考试成绩的20%,并 显示在学位证书上。

Date of actualization:2016-01-25

Xian Gong,