Information Technology


Graduates of Master of Science Information Technology studies can cope with advanced IT problems in both standard and non‐standard situations. They have the necessary knowledge and competences to design and maintain information systems as well as the ability to use modern technologies and capability to adjust to changing work conditions. The participants of the program are taught how to formulate professional opinions and ideas based on incomplete or limited information, yet still complying with ethical and legal standards. In effect, the graduates are prepared not only to cooperate effectively and share responsibility with other team members but also to organize and lead the work of IT teams. They are also aware of the need of professional development and will be accustomed to constant learning, both in commercial and academic sectors.

信息技术专业的理学硕士毕业生能够处理,在标准和非标准情况下,更高难度的IT 难 题。他们拥有设计与维护信息系统所必须的知识与能力,同时具备使用现代科技的能 力以及适应千变万化的工作环境的能力。该专业的学生也将学会如何在信息不完整或 及其有限的情况下,提出专业的看法并形成专业的见解,同时不忘遵守道德与法律标 准。事实上,毕业生不仅能在有效合作与团队承担相应的责任,而且也能组织并领导 所有IT 团队开展工作等方面做好准备。此外,他们不仅能洞悉专业发展的迫切需要,而且还将养成在商业与学术领域里持续学习的良好习惯。 学制:两年 颁发学位:理学硕士 连接到:


Date of actualization:2016-01-25

Xian Gong,