Health service and insurance 健康服务与保险


Non EU nationals receiving in Poland their 1st, 2nd or 3rd cycle studies are required by Polish law to acquire health insurance. They can sign the contract with National Health Fund and buy the insurance or buy a commercial insurance from any of the insurance providers. The cost of both is roughly the same – about 70 PLN a month. This type of insurance guarantees access to public (or private in case of the commercial insurers) health care institutions without the need to make any additional payments.

根据波兰法律,凡是非欧盟成员国的公民,到波兰进行第一、二、三轮(即本科、硕 士、博士)学习,都必须持有健康保险。他们可以与波兰的国家健康基金签订合同, 购买其保险,或者从任何商业保险公司购买医疗保险。两种保险花费基本相同——大 概每月70 兹罗提(波兰币)。医疗保险可以确保获得公立医院的服务,或者如果你从 商业医疗保险公司或者医疗保险机构购买的医疗保险,在他们无须支付额外医疗费用 的情况下,你也可以获得更好的私立医院的医疗服务。

Date of actualization:2016-01-25

Xian Gong,