Building up your professional career with TUL is a satisfying adventure. What you get is not only an interesting, innovative programme of studies which gives you an opportunity to discover the world of science and technology. You also get a chance to develop your interests and hobbies, to gain experience, learn new skills, and to succeed in prestigious competitions.


与罗兹工业大学一起建立你的职业生涯将会是一个令你十分满意的过程。在这里,你不 仅仅可以得到一个充满乐趣的,创新性的探索科学研究的机会,你还能获得在重要的竞赛中学习新技术,获得经验并取得成功的机会。


Professional development 


Educational system of TUL evolves with the changing socio-economic environment. That is why our students not only gain knowledge but also practical skills which so much sought after by employers. We develop educational methods which stimulate initiative and inspire creativity of our students. We make sure they come across real problems of entrepreneurship.  One of the ways to develop ability to deal with such problems is industrial placement programs, which are completed abroad by some of our students. No other university in Poland can offer so many placements virtually all over the world. TUL’s Career Service operates very actively. One of its main tasks is to support students in their search for satisfying employment and encourage students and Ph.D. students to start their own businesses.




Rich educational offer 



Every year, TUL’s educational offer becomes richer and richer, which derives from the University’s close cooperation with business and industry where there is a constant demand for highly qualified engineers – specialists in a variety of fields. Today TUL offers 38 fields of study with many specialisations adjusted to the needs of the job market and the latest achievements in particular fields of education. Many courses are delivered in cooperation with industry. Diploma projects are written which have been commissioned by businesses cooperating with particular faculties and units of the University. It was on industry’s demand, namely on the Atlas company demand, that Chemistry of Building Materials opened as an inter-collegiate degree course provided jointly by Lodz University of Technology, Gdansk University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology.


罗兹工业大学与许多企业保持着密切的合作,每年都会向这些企业输送高素质的来自各种领域的工程师。现如今罗兹工业大学提供38个不同领域的教育,通过多年的市场调查,我校根据市场对人才的需要,灵活地调整课程内容,培养出符合市场需求的高品质人才。 我校的很多专业课程都和产业有着合作关系,学生参加的学院与产业合做项目将会在毕业文凭上有记载。由于产业的需要,尤其是Atlas公司的需要,罗兹工业大学联合Atlas公司共同开设了化学与建筑材料专业。


The degree programs on our offer are on the ministerial list of programs which are key for a knowledge-based economy. We also provide PhD studies, numerous postgraduate continuing education courses, including MBA, as well as many specialist courses.




The two-cycle system of studies enables one to obtain their Bachelor degree after completing a first-cycle program, and a Master degree after completing a second-cycle program. The system is based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. It is a tool which allows for greater flexibility of studies and facilitates transfer to other universities in Poland and abroad.






No other university in Poland has had so much experience in delivering degree programs taught entirely in foreign languages as has TUL. Nor is they offer as extensive. Since 1993, the International Faulty of Engineering has been offering complete study program taught entirely in English and French. Students may obtain double diploma: one from TUL and the other from a partner university in France, Holland, Great Britain, Denmark or elsewhere. TUL is the leader of student exchange.




Quality education 


TUL takes great care to assure high quality of education it provides, which finds reflection in positive evaluation by the Polish Accreditation Committee. All the fields of studies which were subject to assessment by the Polish Accreditation Committee obtained full accreditation. Cooperation with many domestic and foreign universities enables access to the latest scientific achievements, which has a very positive impact on teaching and research activity at TUL. High quality of education provided at TUL, guarantees our students that the qualification they were awarded here will be recognized and appreciated by national and international employers.


保持高品质的教学是罗兹工业大学的永恒目标。我校所有教育领域的课程都得到了波兰评估委员会的充分认可。 与国外众多大学合作交流中的积极因素之一便是可以了解到最新的科研成果,以便提高和完善我校的教学以及科学研究。罗兹工业大学不断地提升教育品质,以确保我校毕业生在将来的工作岗位上得到充分肯定。

Date of actualization:2016-01-25

Xian Gong,