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Lodz is located in the heart of Poland at a crossing point of many important European routes. Lodz is only 125 km away from Warsaw – the capital of Poland. It is the 3rd largest city in Poland. In the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century, right till the second World War, Lodz was home to four cultural/ethnic groups. Polish, Jewish, German and Russian inhabitants contributed their parts to the rich and diverse cultural fabric of the city. The history of Lodz prosperity is linked to the rapid 19th century development of the textile industry when the place was called “the city of factory chimneys” or “the Promised Land”. At present Lodz is no longer an industrial city – it has become an educational and cultural center for the whole region. The remaining postindustrial architecture serves as a tourist attraction and has been successfully converted to play modern functions.

罗兹市,是波兰第3 大城市,地处波兰中心,离首都华沙仅125 公里,也是众多重要 欧洲路线的必经之地。在19 世纪和20 世纪上半叶,二战刚结束时,罗兹是四个文化/ 民族之家。波兰、犹太、德国和俄罗斯居民为罗兹丰富多彩、多元文化的建设做出了 巨大贡献。罗兹历史上的繁荣与19 世纪迅速发展的纺织业不无关系,罗兹也以“工厂 烟囱之城”或者“应许之地”著称。现在,罗兹,已经不再是昔日的工业城市——已成为 整个地区的教育与文化中心。后工业化建筑遗迹已成为旅游景点,并且其成功转型为 具有现代功能的建筑。



Every year dozens of cultural events are held in Lodz. Concerts, film, music and theatre festivals attract more and more outstanding guests and tourists. The events worth recommending are:

每年几十个文化活动都在罗兹如期举行,例如音乐会、音乐、音乐与戏剧节等,吸引 了越来越多的杰出嘉宾与游客。其中最不容错过的精彩活动如下:

• Lodz Design 罗兹设计 (www.lodzdesign.com)

• Festival – Lodz of Four Cultures 节日——罗兹四国文化节 (www.4kultury.pl)

• Explorers Festival 探索者节日 (www.festiwalgor.pl)

• Lodz Biennale 罗兹两年一次的美术展

• Fotofestival 摄影艺术节 (www.fotofestiwal.com)

• International Festival of Comics 国际漫画节 (www.komiksfestiwal.com)

• Film Music Festival 电影音乐节 (www.kinomuzeum.pl)

• International Triennial of Tapestry 三年一度的国际挂毯展 (www.muzeumwlokiennictwa.pl)

• Se‐ma‐for – Film Festival Se‐ma‐for ——电影节



Lodz is the cradle of Polish cinematography and is famous for its film traditions. The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School is invariably one of the best film schools in Europe. The most known graduates are: Krzysztof Kieslowski, Roman Polanski, Krzysztof Zanussi, Jerzy Skolimowski and Andrzej Wajda. Just like on Hollywood Boulevard, one can find the Walk of Fame on Piotrkowska Street in Lodz. Moreover, you can learn the history of Polish cinematography in the Museum of Cinematography, the only one of its kind in Poland.

罗兹是波兰电影艺术的摇篮,并且因电影传统而名声大噪。波兰罗兹高等国立席勒电 影、电视与戏剧学校一直是欧洲最好的电影学院之一。其中该校最著名的毕业生包括: 克日什托夫·基耶斯洛夫斯基,罗曼·波兰斯基,克里斯托弗·赞努西,杰西·史柯林摩斯 基和安杰伊·瓦依达。大家在罗兹的Piotrkowska 街上,也能体验到仿佛亲临与好莱坞 一样的星光大道。而且有还可以在波兰唯一的电影艺术博物馆了解其电影艺术。



The city’s night life is concentrated predominantly along Piotrkowska Street in the centre of town. Here are big‐name clothing outlets, and more than 100 pubs, restaurants, clubs, discos and cafes. Lodz Kaliska (a meeting spot for art students), Lizard King (for rock fans), Klub Jazzga (with jazz concerts and clubbing events), Peron 6 (serving more than 160 brands of beer), Irish Pub, Klub Siodemki, Dublin Pub, Bagdad Cafe and Rolling Stone are among the most popular. Enthusiasts of Eurodance rhythms are welcome to party all night long at the Cabaret, Elektrownia, Cube, Nexus, Port West and Paradox discos. Average prices are: a glass of beer about $2.50 and dinner for two people about $20‐25. Just visit Lodz and turn the night into an exceptional journey!

罗兹的夜生活主要集中在市中心的Piotrkowska 街上。沿街有大品牌服装专卖店、100 多家酒吧、餐厅、俱乐部、迪斯科和咖啡厅。最受欢迎的当属罗兹Kaliska(艺术学生 见面的最佳地点),蜥蜴王(Lizard King)(攀岩者专属地点),Jazzga(爵士音乐会 和俱乐部活动),Peron 6(提供160 多种牌子的啤酒),爱尔兰酒吧,Klub Siodemki, 都柏林酒吧,巴格达咖啡厅和滚石。欧洲舞蹈旋律的狂热者可以在夜总会、Elektrowni、Cube、Nexus、West Port 和Paradox discos 等地彻夜狂欢。平均消费为1 杯啤酒2.5 美 元,两人晚餐大概20 至25 美元。你还犹豫什么呢,赶紧来罗兹吧,让你旅途中的夜 晚从此不再乏味!



Tenement houses and great residences are now regaining their splendor. The revitalized structures have been transformed into lofts, commercial and entertainment complexes and art centers. Nowadays the complexes of the 19th century industrial age are unique on a European scale. You will find here some of the finest examples of styles of architecture popular during the time of Lodz industrial prosperity.

公寓住房和宽敞的住宅现在正重拾昔日的光辉。复兴后的建筑结构已经成功改为阁楼、商业与娱乐场所,以及艺术中心。如今,在整个19 世纪工业时代的建筑在整个欧洲都 显得非常独特。你可以在这里探索罗兹工业革命繁荣时期非常流行的建筑风格的最好

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