BSc Graduate Profile 理学学士学位简介


According to the so called "Dublin descriptors" criteria the first cycle degree is awarded to students who:

根据“都柏林标准”制定的三级学位层次(即本科、硕士、博士)的质量标准,第一级 学位(学士学位)将颁发给以下学生:

‐ have demonstrated knowledge and understanding in a field of study that builds upon and their general secondary education, and is typically at a level that, whilst supported by advanced textbooks, includes some aspects that will be informed by knowledge of the forefront of their field of study;

‐ 拥有初高中教育的知识基础,在高级教科 书的指引下,拥有获得和理解相关专业先进知识,并能够将其灵活运用的能力。
‐ can apply their knowledge and understanding in a manner that indicates a professionalapproach to their work or vocation, and have competences typically demonstrated throughdevising and sustaining arguments and solving problems within their field of study;
‐ 能够把对相关知识和专业的理解运用在工作和职业之中,并且拥有能够对相关领域的问题提出自己的观点和论据进而解决问题的能力。

‐ have the ability to gather and interpret relevant data (usually within their field of study) to inform judgments that include reflection on relevant social, scientific or ethical issues;

‐ 有能力搜集和诠释(通常是专业内的)相关数据,并能够通过综合思考社会、科学或伦理因素对有关问题做出准确判断。

‐ can communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions to both specialist and nonspecialistaudiences;

‐ 遇到困难时,能与业界专家和非专家交换信息、见解,从而妥善地解决问题。

‐ have developed those learning skills that are necessary for them to continue to undertake further study with a high degree of autonomy.

‐ 拥有能够继续深造,获得更高学历的必要学习技能。

BSc degree is granted to graduates who successfully fulfill all study program requirements and pass the final examination consisting of two parts: the first – presentation of diploma thesis, the second – answering questions devoted to the presented diploma thesis and to the whole study program. The final result visible in diploma, is expressed in words according to the Rules of Study at the Technical University of Lodz and is the sum of three components: 60% of the weighted average of all the grades achieved during the study, 20% of the grade for the diploma thesis, 20% of the grade for the final exam.

理学学士学位将颁发给达到以下要求的毕业生:成功完成专业要求并通过毕业考试。 考试由两部分组成:第一,展示毕业论文;第二,回答与毕业论文及所学课程相关的 问题。最后总成绩将根据罗兹工业大学的《学习成绩考核标准》计算,即整个本科 学习中所有成绩平均分的60%,毕业论文成绩的20%,以及毕业考试成绩的20%,这一成绩将 记录在学位证书中。

Date of actualization:2015-01-15

Xian Gong,