Biotechnology 生物技术


Biotechnology is an area of study that combines components from a wide range of disciplines, including biology, chemistry and computer science. It is a rapidly developing field of research and industry, and is widely regarded as a major technology of the 21st century. The MSc in Biotechnology program aims to provide the students with the skills, knowledge and experience required to pursue a successful career in biotechnology. The studies focus on the adaptation and application of biological processes for commercial, industrial and academic use. The graduates are excellent candidates for third degree (Ph.D.) studies and are especially well prepared to pursue careers in research centers – both academic and commercial.

生物技术是将生物、化学与计算机科学相结合的、跨学科的、学习范围广的一门研究 学科。这是一个在研究与工业领域迅速发展的学科,并被广泛认知为21 世纪的主要科 技之一。生物技术专业旨在为学生将来在生物科技行业一展头角提供关键的技术、知 识和经验。该专业学生将重点学习生化过程在商业、工业与学术使用中的适应与应用。专业毕业生将是第三轮学位(博士)深造的优秀人选,并且将来无论在学术界还是在 商界的研究中心的职业生涯中,他们都将是该行业的佼佼者。学制:一年半 颁发学位:理学硕士 连接到:


Date of actualization:2016-01-25

Xian Gong,