Architecture Engineering 建筑工程学


The graduates of this interdisciplinary program will be competent in architecture and construction design. Students also acquire knowledge necessary for building and designing of engineering structures and for town planning. They get acquainted with the problems of revitalization of buildings and town structures. The graduates will be specialists who apart from knowledge in shaping architectural space and city‐planning are skilled in technical problems solving and know components and construction materials very well. They are prepared both to work as project managers and comprehensively educated specialists employed in construction offices and to use modern computer techniques in design and management.

该专业毕业生以其跨专业背景,将能胜任建筑与施工设计。学生还将学会修建与工程 结构、城市规划两方面所必须的知识。他们将熟悉建筑复兴与城市结构相融合的问题。毕业生除了掌握精湛的塑造建筑空间与城市规划的知识外,他们还是解决技术问题,了解构件与建筑材料的专家。他们将会被培养为项目经理、或者受聘为建筑公司精通 设计与管理的专家。

学制:四年 授予学位:理学学士 连接到:


Date of actualization:2016-01-25

Xian Gong,