Application procedure for international candidates 留学生申请程序


Minimum Entrance Requirements


To be considered for admission to the first year of studies at the International Faculty of Engineering a candidate must possess a secondary school certificate or an equivalent diploma showing at least good grades, especially in Mathematics, Physics (alternatively Chemistry) and in English

国际工程学院要求申请者必须拥有高中毕业证或同等学力,证明他们成绩优异或者至 少数学、物理(或者化学)和英语成绩优异,才给予考虑录取该生第一学年的学习。

International Faculty of Engineering (IFE) applicants have to be fluent speakers of English. The level of their command of this language should be high enough to enable them to understand lectures, read literature, make notes, and actively participate in laboratories and tutorials taught in this language.

国际工程学院(IFE)的申请者必须能说流利的英语。他们所掌握的英语,应该达到听 懂讲座、读懂原版文学、做好笔记,并能积极参加英语授课的实验与辅导的水平。

Application form and attachments


The applicants for studies at IFE have to fill in the Application for Admission form. The form is attached below or accessible from the IFE Office. Please send your application form back to the IFE Office together with all relevant attachments. Each academic year the deadline for receiving international applications is June, 30.

申请国际工程学院学习的同学必须填写《录取申请表》。你可在网站上下载附件,或 者直接从国际工程学院办公室获得。请务必将填好的申请表,与表上注明的相关附件 一并寄到国际工程学院办公室。接收留学生录取申请的工作将于每学年的6 月30 日截 止。

You can see clearly all the steps necessary to make a successful application at:,


你可以参 照教你顺利完成录取申请,简单明了的必需步骤:


For complete information about the application requirements, all attachments and procedures please consult:



Date of actualization:2016-01-25

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