Accommodation 住宿


All international students as well as students who live more than 40 km from Lodz are eligible to apply for accommodation in a student dorm of TUL. The dorms are located within the university campus. So your living quarters will be within the easy walking distance of your classes, labs and lecture halls.

所有留学生,以及家庭住址离罗兹市超过40 公里以上的波兰学生,都有权申请入住罗 兹科技大学的学生宿舍。宿舍都建在大学校园内,你可以轻松地从公寓楼走到教室、实验室和报告厅。

Please note, that although you can choose to stay at a private lodging, accommodation in a dorm will spare you much effort related to attaining a temporary residence permit (see Visa requirements). Many private landlords are reluctant to go through the official steps necessary to secure your address of residence registration, while at the dorm it will be done for you automatically by dorm officers.

请注意:虽然你也以选择在外租房,但是学生宿舍可以省去你许多诸如申请居暂时拘 留证的麻烦(参见签证要求)。许多房东都不愿意通过繁琐的官方步骤帮你获得在波 兰的户籍所在地址,但是学生宿舍的管理人员会自动帮你解决这个问题。

Date of actualization:2016-01-25

Xian Gong,