Academic year 学年

The academic year is divided into two semesters of approximately 15 weeks each.

每学年分为冬夏两学期,每学期大概15 周。

Winter semester – runs from the last week of September till mid February

冬季学期 ——9 月最后一周开学,2 月中旬结束。

Summer semester – runs from mid February till the end of June

夏季学期——2 月中旬开学,6 月底结束。

Breaks/vacation: two weeks break for Christmas and New Year, one week Easter break, one week break between semesters.


Organization of the academic year


The academic year lasts from October 1st until September 30th, classes start usually during the last week of September, though.

每学年10 月1 日开学,9 月30 日结束,但是通常9 月的最后一周已经开始上课。

Approximate academic year calendar:



– winter semester – October 1st through mid February (15 weeks);


冬季学期——10月 1日持续到2月中旬(15周);

– Christmas holidays – December 23rd through January 2nd;


圣诞节假期——12月23 号至1月2号;

– winter examination session – the last week of January and the first week of February;




– winter break – two weeks in mid‐February;



– spring semester – from the last week of February till the end of‐June (15 weeks);


春 季学期——从2月的最后一周持续到6月底(15周);

– Easter holidays – according to the calendar;


– summer holidays – from July 1st through the end of September. July and August are free from any academic activities. September is reserved for make up examinations.

暑假——从7 月1 号到9 月底。7 月和8 月停止所有教学活动。9 月是专门安排 补考的时间。

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